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What is a module house?

In recent years, many Swedes have started talking about module houses. But what exactly is module house? And how do I know if I have permission to build module house on my plot?

In Sweden, we have many rules and regulations about, what and how you can build on your plots, but there are exceptions that do not require a building permit. For many years, homeowners have been able to build sheds on their plot without a building permit, and in recent years we have also been able to build the so-called module houses. The concept was created in 2014 and is named after Sweden’s former Minister of Housing Stefan Attefall.

The popular houses can be up to 25 square meters and are thus slightly larger than sheds that have a limit of 15 square meters.

As I said, you do not need a building permit to build a module house, but before you start construction, you must report it to the building committee and you must receive a start notice before you start building.

How do I know if I am allowed to build module house?

The rules that exist around building a module house are about the same as for building a shed. There already needs to be a residential house on your plot and the house must not be placed closer than 4.5 meters from your neighbor’s plot. As with friggebodar, however, there may be restrictions. A limitation may be if, for example, you live in an area that is historically important or if the plot is close to water or a railway. If you are unsure of the rules that apply to your particular plot, you can contact the building committee for help.

Different types of module houses

There are five different types of module houses. The type that most of us know is a small independent home that is similar to a shed, but there are also types such as additional buildings, extensions, dormers and extra housing. The most common module houses are detached houses, detached houses, guest houses, outbuildings, garages or saunas.

Can you live in module houses?

Although the module houses are very small in size, many people are wondering if they are allowed to live in them. And yes, the answer is actually that you get to live in these little houses! If you want to make your house a permanent home, however, you must ensure that you have all the housing functions that must be in a home, such as storage spaces, some form of kitchen / kitchenette and equipment for personal hygiene.

Save time and money with Stop Digging

With Sluta Gräv, it will be both cheaper and faster to build your module houses! Instead of digging down plinths, we use ground screws to anchor your house. The screws are drilled quickly into the ground and you do not need to take time to dig up the ground, or wait for the casting to dry. In addition, it does not damage your lawn or the surface you have.

We can also mount ground screws to the wooden deck, the fence, the mailbox that may be added to the module house. Read more about our construction tips here.

The efficient way to anchor your house also makes it a smart financial solution. We assemble the screw and you do the rest.

We have certified fitters throughout Sweden.