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If you have a construction project underway and want a simple solution for the foundation without having to dig or build a foundation, you should invest in building with a ground screw. Building without casting is advantageous from both an economic and time point of view. It is especially advantageous to build with a ground screw because you can start building immediately after installation and that Sluta Gräv’s competent fitters install them for you.

What can I build with a ground screw?

A ground screw can be used for both rebuilding and when you are building a new one. Whether you want to build a new holiday home, conservatory or a carport, ground screw is an optimal choice because it is a fast and flexible foundation. It also works to install the ground screw in hard ground where it can be difficult to dig down concrete plinths. Expanding without digging is time-saving, but if you instead hire a construction company, every hour costs you have to wait to be able to build on a foundation. A plinth must be dug down to a frost-free depth to last a long time, which is both heavy and stressful, and time-consuming.

Build a balcony or conservatory

A terrace or a conservatory is a pleasant place in the garden and in order for you to enjoy it for a long time, it is important to choose the right foundation. Our ground screws are stainless, can withstand cold as well as heat and can be installed all year round. If you start your patio construction already in the winter when it is frost, you are guaranteed to have time to finish in the summer because our ground screws can be installed even when the ground is frost. They are carefully tested for tensile, pressure and load.

A terrace needs to be anchored in the ground at approximately one and a half meter intervals in all directions to hold well, which is easily arranged with a ground screw. There are ground screws in a number of different variants such as adapter screw, pipe screw, beam screw and post screw and they are also available in many lengths to handle all the work. Building yourself has never been easier because you can start construction immediately after the assembly is completed.

Put up a fence

With a post screw you can build a new fence without casting or digging and our post screws are available in several dimensions to suit everyone’s needs. Fasteners and dimensions follow the Swedish building standard to make it easier to build yourself. The post screws for the fence should be spaced 1.8 meters apart in order for your fence to be stable and durable. A major advantage of building a fence with a ground screw is that the screws can be picked up and reused.

Build a store

We all probably know how important it is with storage and with your own storage on the plot, you can easily and safely store your garden tools, bicycles and other things that you want to stow away. If you choose an attefall house of a maximum of 30 square meters, you usually do not need a building permit, however, you should always check with the municipality what applies before you start.

Ground screw is the perfect ground anchor for a storage and our ground screws can be used in most types of ground, such as topsoil, rock, clay or sandy soil. Regardless of whether you are building the storage yourself or buying a prefabricated alternative, we at Sluta Gräv have the ground screws needed to get a good anchorage. Our competent fitters are available throughout the country and are happy to help you with the installation of the ground screws.

Carport to protect the car

If you want to build a cost-effective protection for the car, the carport is an obvious choice. It requires much less than a garage both financially and in terms of time. By choosing a ground screw instead of casting a foundation or digging down concrete plinths, you save money at the same time as the project time becomes much shorter.

Stop Gräv’s beam screw and post screw are excellent for the construction of a carport. Our fitters can help you choose the right dimensions of the carport to cope with the wind and snow where you live. It is important that your carport is stable, which it will be with the right ground screw.

Build a holiday home

Building a holiday home with a ground screw is as easy as it can ever be, given that a ground screw can be used regardless of the ground conditions prevailing. Many times plots for holiday homes are a bit remote and the surface can vary. Even if it is inaccessible or steep, our machines can do the job and our fitters are used to working in all types of places.

Construction tips when using a ground screw

When you are going to build with a ground screw, you plan the work just as if you were building with concrete plinths or some other type of ground foundation. Contact us at Sluta Gräv and tell us about your construction project and we will come up with a good solution for your construction, give you a cost proposal and book a time to install the ground screws.

By choosing a ground screw from Sluta Gräv, you get a secure anchorage no matter what you are going to build, which is a must for your project to last a long time. The ground is pre-drilled before we screw in the ground screw and we often evaluate the ground condition with tensile tests so that you get the best ground anchorage possible. Once we have assembled yours ground screws you can start building immediately.

Advantages of building with a ground screw

The advantages of building with a ground screw are many, it saves you time to build without casting or digging while it is a cheaper alternative compared to the traditional method. You always get a 25-year guarantee on ground screws from us and they do no damage to the ground where they are mounted, which is the case when you dig. In addition, ground screws are much better for the environment, concrete plinths emit 60% more carbon dioxide than a ground screw.

When the ground screw is removed, minimal traces are left and you can also reuse them. Our ground screws are a quality product that is ISO 14001 certified, and have an ISO 9001 certified installation process and of course our ground screws are CE marked. In addition, we offer several applications for special assembly, which means that the ground screws work for most types of construction projects. A ground screw works just like a concrete plinth but is easier to install and much more cost-effective. They can even be mounted through asphalt if desired.