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Traditional foundations with concrete foundations require commitment and construction time through excavation, drainage and casting, and you also have to insulate and restore the site.

A ground screw from Sluta Gräv works in the same way as a concrete plinth. The difference with this innovative method is that you get a stable ground foundation faster that you can start using at once. The ground screw is a simple and flexible alternative when you are building a fence, wooden deck, carport or greenhouse. With a ground screw foundation, you do not have to wait for the concrete to harden, as soon as our fitters are in the screws, you can start building on your project.


The ground screw thus functions as a concrete plinth, but there are some crucial differences. It is mainly about the time you put in and the work effort. You shorten your work by avoiding transporting heavy concrete plinths, digging down and casting them and waiting for them to harden. You also do not have to go to the construction trade to buy simpler brackets such as earth anchors, our ground screws can only be installed by our fast and knowledgeable fitters.


There are additional benefits to the ground screw that have to do with accessibility. Our ground screws can be mounted all year round in all types of ground, even in the event of frost. Regardless of the weather, the ground screw will be installed in a few minutes. It does not matter if the surface you are building on is difficult to access, made of sandy soil, stone or clay. For you who have a business, it is positive. On the one hand, you save construction time, and on the other hand, money through shorter projects that allow you to take on more assignments


When you choose a ground screw for your project, you thus avoid all the heavy preparation and hardening times. The whole assembly process takes a couple of minutes and you can start using the screws for what you are going to build right after. As a customer, you are happy with the fast delivery and you who carry out the work never have to postpone projects due to complicated weather or ground conditions. Narrow spaces are no problem and we install screws where excavation would not be possible.

Build your own deck

Once you have decided to build a patio, you first need to choose a good location. Then the terrace needs to be anchored in the ground at about two meter intervals in all directions. The ground screw is the most efficient and obvious choice as it saves a lot of time to build the terrace. All you need to think about is preparing a drawing. An installer from Sluta Gräv then comes to your home and mounts the screws with the correct dimensions and distance according to your surface. After that, just start building. You do this by attaching support ropes to the beam screws, and once the floor is in place, all that remains is to screw the trolley.

Simpler summer house

There are many different looks and sizes of summer cottages and holiday homes. The land on which the holiday home stands is often on the outskirts of the city or a little remote in nature where conditions can be more complicated with a lot of rock, coastal soil, heavy clay or bedrock. All this makes the ground screw a perfect foundation and to be preferred over concrete plinths that are more difficult to dig into that type of surface. Here you can save time with a ground screw as our fitters are used to working in all types of terrain. The special machines that the fitters use can get around on steep and inaccessible ground. If you also have a short time to build a house, the ground screw will be by far the best option.

To build a carport

When you want to protect your car without having a garage, carport is a good option. It is easier to get a building permit, but also cheaper and less complicated to build. Stability for a carport is important, and therefore the ground screw is optimal as a ground foundation. The design of a carport can vary, but our post screws or beam screws usually fit best. Because a ground screw can withstand the same load as a concrete plinth, you will have an extremely stable foundation regardless of construction and appearance. In addition, you can start building your carport right away.


The ground screw is an innovative product that solves a highly practical problem in a smart way. Thanks to our innovative screw that can be easily screwed into the ground, no one needs to dig a pit or carry heavy plinths. You also do not have to try to get plinths at the exact height or make an effort to get them straight. You just call the installer who comes and mounts screws with the same effective results, at the exact level.


A traditional concrete foundation generally takes a few days to get in place with excavation, casting and the subsequent drying time. The ground screw solves this in one afternoon. Sluta Gräv has thus revolutionized the construction market with large savings in terms of time and physical effort. Imagine a construction site with mounds of earth, ruined lawn and broken asphalt that concrete foundations entail. Then compare it with a small hole in the ground. It is the only impression that the ground screw makes on its surroundings.