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Building conservatories is becoming increasingly popular. Getting an extra room in the garden full of life attracts many and fulfills many purposes. In addition to having a larger area in the house and combining a garden and house, a conservatory can also function as a lounge, studio, playroom for the children or a gym.

Before you can enjoy your lovely conservatory, there are a few things to keep in mind. We have gathered some useful tips and advice for you who are considering expanding your house!


When you are thinking about building a glazed conservatory, you should first think about how you want to use it. Most people who have built a conservatory discover that the areas of use are more than the original. Maybe you do not want to just sit here and have a cup of coffee? Building a conservatory may seem like your, and possibly your neighbor’s, alone. However, it is not always that simple. To be allowed to build a completely new conservatory with both new walls, glazing and roof, a building permit is required. It counts as an extension if it is done adjacent to your house, and as a new building if it is done independently. There are also exceptions that allow you to build conservatories without a building permit. The first thing you should do before you put the shovel in the ground, or the screw in the ground, is thus to contact the building committee in your municipality. If you build without a building permit, you risk both fines and demolition of the conservatory. Keep in mind that there may be a lot of people applying for a building permit – be out in good time!

Choose the right size

Choosing the right size for your conservatory is not always easy. Think about what your purposes with the conservatory really are. If your goal is to sit here with your partner or friend and have a cup of coffee, a smaller conservatory will suit you well. If you see yourself inviting home for larger dinners or using the conservatory as a storage for a large amount of plants, this should be considered in the decision. How big a garden you have from the beginning and how much you are willing to take off, for example, your lawn or terrace for the construction of a conservatory is another factor that comes into play.


It should not be too difficult to get out into the conservatory. A location adjacent to the kitchen or living room means that the conservatory can be used as a dining area during the summer. It is common to already have an existing terrace as a starting point when it comes to placement. Think about your decision and check the floor plan of the house – taking up a new doorway does not require much work but can do a lot for the conservatory as a whole. Of course, you also need to consider the weather conditions and the sun. It is easy to quickly choose the south facing position to get as much sun as possible. A glazed conservatory in the south, on the other hand, often gets very hot during the summer period and places higher demands on ventilation and sun protection.


Are you going to build a conservatory and want help laying the foundation? Then use Sluta Gräv’s ground screw which is a cost-effective and gentle way to anchor your conservatory! It does not damage the surface and you do not have to dig or wait for the casting to dry. We have certified fitters throughout Sweden – contact us today to find your nearest fitter!